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The Vovos Evening

The VoVo Awards is all about celebrating the talent, craft and joy of talking into a microphone for a living, with the studios, engineers, producers and agents we work with and who ‘get’ what we do.

This is the best job in the world. We can be anyone from anywhere. We can be storytellers, and salespeople, quirky, emotive, funny, inspirational, clear, concise and informative.

We’re constantly exposed to millions of people, yet we remain largely anonymous.

The VoVos is a chance to get together with our voiceover community, to acknowledge our craft, to shoot the breeze and have a fabulous time.

It’s an informal night and the awards themselves should be over in around an hour.

Apart from the two ‘big’ awards, there will be no speeches from award recipients, but there should be quite a few laughs.

We’ve arranged some music, good quality booze and ‘substantial’ finger food.

Our sponsors have made it possible to pull together what should be an excellent evening.  So when you see any of them, please give them a genuine ‘thank you’.

Be there for the VoVos on Saturday October 27th 

Missing it would be unspeakable!

The Vovos Evening

West Beach Bathers Pavilion

7:00pm to 11:00pm,
Saturday October 27th,
330A Beaconsfield Parade (Corner Pier Road)
St Kilda West.

Limited tickets available. Get them here!

Includes Premium beer and wine and substantial finger food.