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Award Categories

The Big Awards - Deadline for Entries Friday October 12

VoVo Booth of Fame

This award is for excellence in voiceover and given to a long-standing Melbourne based voice artist of note; loved, respected and brilliant to work with.

*Anyone can vote for this award.

Lifetime Achievement Award

This is an award given to any person across the voiceover industry, voiceover artist, engineer or producer, acknowledging a lifetime of quality work in the field of voice acting and or voice production.

*Anyone can vote for this award.

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General Categories

C1 Hardest word or phrase to pronounce

Sometimes, just when we least expect it, there’s one word, or a string of them, that gives us trouble

C2 Most Difficult Script to get through

We all want to get it just right! That’s our job, but sometimes, the script throws up challenges, a word or a phrase.  Sometimes the ridiculousness of what we’re saying just sets us off.  Anyway, it can be hard to recover can’t it?

C3 Most Distasteful Subject Matter or Topic

VoiceOver Pro’s know how to read any copy, but sometimes the script is about a subject we’d rather not mention.  Hey, that’s what we get the big bucks for.  How do we make those unpleasant medical issues sound divine?

C4 Most expletives during the recording of a single commercial

We all love to swear. Well, swearing is language, language is expressive and a few well positioned expletives can really let people know how we feel.

C5 Lowest note from a male

Yes, the big male voice will always be valued and loved. Just how low can they go?

C6 Most loved performances in a radio campaign

Writing great radio campaigns is an art. Casting it brilliantly is a must. This category is for a campaign with multiple scripts and a variety of voice actors.

C7 Most excellent ensemble cast in a single commercial

We spend most of our time alone in the studio. How brilliant is it when we get to work with others to bring the copywriting to life? This category is for a single script with three or more actors.

C8 Most successful character transformation

We get to bring all manner of quirky moments to life. The ability to jump into someone else’s shoes and be unrecognizable is one of the skills that make us unique.

C9 Most Emotionally Powerful Delivery

It’s not all a barrel of laughs. Sometimes the subject matter is meant to move us, to inspire us to take action

C10 Most Engaging Storytelling

Lifting copy ‘off the page’ to tell a story brilliantly is a great skill whether it’s a radio or T V Commercial, documentary or something from the non-broadcast world.

*Please edit the clip to around 25-30 seconds.

C11 Most Convincing Energised or Retail Read

The ability to cut through clutter and get a message out to a half-listening radio or TV audience is one of the things we’re best at.  Let’s celebrate it.

C12  Most natural read

Sounding like a ‘real person’, especially when it’s wrapped around ‘ad’ words, isn’t easy.
But for some it just comes naturally.  Let’s celebrate that.

C13 Book Narration

To be a great book narrator, you need to be able to inhabit the story. This requires buckets of skill, intelligence, stamina and great voice.

*Please edit the clip to around 25-30 seconds

C14 Longest Disclaimer

Ah, yes, the disclaimer. A necessary evil, but requiring skill all the same.

From The Vault

Memorable audio clips from the past. Many of you will have experienced sessions that were memorable for many reasons. This is not an award, just designed for us to celebrate what came before. If you have any material that fits this criteria, please let us know.