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About the Vovos

The VoVo Awards is all about celebrating the talent, craft and joy of talking into a microphone for a living, with the studios, engineers, producers and agents we work with and who ‘get’ what we do.

This is the best job in the world. We can be anyone from anywhere. We can be storytellers, and salespeople, quirky, emotive, funny, inspirational, clear, concise and informative.

We’re constantly exposed to millions of people, yet we remain largely anonymous.

We often get to work collaboratively with wonderfully talented, creative people and craft things we can be proud of but too often we’re doing it alone, if not in our own studios, then as the only performer in the piece.

The VoVos is a chance to get together with our voiceover community, to acknowledge our craft, to shoot the breeze and have a brilliant night.

Be there for the VoVos on Saturday October 27th - Tickets On Sale Now.

Missing it would be unspeakable!