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2018 Lifetime Achievement Award

Peter Stratford

In February 2018 we lost Peter Stratford.

Peter was an actor, director, unique voiceover artist and committed Equity activist, heavily involved in establishing agreements for both screen and voiceover in his time there.

Every year since we started the VoVo’s, Peter’s had nominations for “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

They came in this year too.  So we felt it was entirely appropriate to present the ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’, posthumously, to Peter.

His grandson, and son of our own Nick Stratford, Oli Pizzey Stratford received the award.

Now we’d like to share a few words about him from those he worked with.

Abbe Holmes says;

“He was an incredibly generous mentor to me, going back as far as the 90’s.  About 15 years ago when he suggested passing the Victorian Equity Branch President role over to me. I said, “Oh, no I couldn’t. I don’t know the first thing about how to chair a meeting”.

“Don’t worry, you can do it”, he said…”and if you get into trouble just give me a nod and I’ll help you out”. 

So that’s how it went.  Peter was charming, generous and committed to his life as as performer, activist and mentor.”

Stephen Renfree said;

“I reckon I first worked with Pete when I was a pimply new agency producer who thought he knew everything about producing radio commercials.  Pete set me straight on a couple of things, and the work was always better for it.”  

Ian Bliss adds;

“I’m thrilled that Peter is to receive this honour tonight. I first met him when I was fresh out of drama school. I considered it an honour to have worked with him, but more than that, I was extremely fortunate to have benefitted from his mentorship.

He suggested that I give "Voice Over" a crack and, unbeknown to me, made many overtures to studios and creatives on my behalf.  The rest, as they say, is history.

I last saw Peter at the 2016 VoVo Awards, where I thanked him for his guidance, support and unselfish generosity all those years ago.  He humbly accepted my gratitude but would accept no praise or take any responsibility for my success"

Jane Lillas from EMVoices said;

“When I first started working at EM, I was aware of Peter Stratford as an actor. At first, I felt Peter thought of me as the “inept newbie” and I thought he was a “grumpy old so and so”. 

This very soon developed into a professional, but personally warm relationship.  And he was never anything less than the perfect professional, although he would regularly ring and complain about being underappreciated.  I lost count of the times he requested a Sherpa and an oxygen infusion to get him up the stairs to Flagstaff Studios.  I dearly miss the sound of that mellifluous, rumbling voice coming down the phone line and saying ‘Peter here’”.  

So, let’s have a listen to that Mellifluous voice.