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2018 Booth of Fame

Jan Frazer

It’s said that if you’ve survived in this business for decades, it’s because you’ve managed to constantly re-invent yourself.

But Jan Frazer hasn’t needed to re-invent anything.

With a voice that’s genuinely unique, Jan has been able to sail through decades of work, bringing authenticity, warmth, great character and genuine talent to everything she voices.

This is what Stephen Renfree from Bang Bang had to say; 

“I love that you are always up for pretty well anything, especially if it means making a total fool of yourself and you’re still full of fabulously useful skills after all these years.”

Phil Kenihan from Front of House said; 

“You’ve always been one of the loveliest, most talented and sublimely positive actors to work with.  The first time I worked with you, female actors were called actresses and you were probably cast for something like Sportsgirl.  The most recent was for Apia Funeral Insurance! That’s just what happens when you’ve been doing this for a long, long time.”

Her agent Jane Lillas @ EMVoices said;  

“You’re an Agent’s dream, versatile, talented, and a pleasure to deal with on all levels.  Your clients love you and so do we…so proud to have an artist of your caliber at EM.  On a personal note, you’re one of the loveliest and most interesting women I’ve ever met.”

Philip Webster Principal at Risk Sound says;

“Always a delight to work with, your career has to span over 55 years, because I think I first recorded you in 1965, and here you are today, still being heard on Radio, Television and Multi Media... Say no more...If you had a demo of those wonderful 55 years what a story it would tell.”

What a story indeed.

The VoVo’s and Melbourne’s Voiceover Community are thrilled to induct Jan Frazer into our ‘Booth of Fame’, representing a long career in Melbourne and nationally, as a Premium VoiceOver Artist.

Now have a listen to some of the work that says it all.

Jan Frazer crop