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2016 Lifetime Achievement Award

Alan Hopgood

Alan HopgoodUniversally loved and respected in the Arts Industry in Australia and especially in his home-town of Melbourne, the VoVo’s was thrilled when the votes came in for Alan to be recognised this year

Here’s what some of his peers had to say:

From Paul LeCouteur

A wise head and a thorough gentleman who has, many times, brought meaning to words he is capable of writing far better.

From Phil Kenihan

Such a lovely actor to work with, he always gives himself totally to the role. He is humble, modest, hard working and just so talented in the studio.

From Margot Knight

Utter legend and inspiration to us all, in a career that has provided enjoyment, meaningful engagement, and made a difference to so many folk.

From Jan Frazer

We all carry so much respect for Alan.  He is, indeed, a worthy choice for the Lifetime Achievement award. His rich mind which has translated into so much successful writing and his beautiful and gentle voice, which brings commercial stories to our screens and radios with such clarity has no peer.  Congratulations Alan.

From Philip Webster

Working with Alan was always rewarding. He was one of the first voice artists I’d think of for location recording, as he brought not only his skill as an actor but also his talents as a wordsmith. In the booth, whether he was doing a straight thirty seconds or five-second end tag, his delivery always stood out from the crowd, with just the right amount of gravitas. If the script called for a character, you could bet it would be wonderful and his comic timing sublime. Throughout the years, I would look forward to each session with Alan, knowing it would go beyond the ordinary. We are all indebted to him for his artistry, intelligence, and selfless approach to getting that read just right.

From Stig Wemyss

Alan's contribution to the voice over industry spans five decades. Over that time, he has lent his voice to hundreds of commercials, animations and corporate narratives. When you look at his body of work, it is impossible not to shake your head in awe. To this day, well into his eighties, he continues to grace our airwaves with meticulously crafted performances, deeply rooted in his ability as an actor. I can think of no more deserving recipient for the VoVo's lifetime achievement award.