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2016 Booth of Fame Winner

Matthew & Hamish

From the 1970’s and through the next 3+ decades Hamish Hughes and Matthew King were the giants of the voice industry, consistently producing a brilliant stream of work.

They are without doubt the most versatile voice actors of their time.

They could and did do anything and everything. And we mean everything. You couldn’t listen to TV or radio without almost every ad break featuring their voices. They were in every animation series being produced back them, often in multiple roles, and that continues to this day.

Back then, they were known as the Pete and Dud of voiceover because of their hilarious improvised raves. Hamish’s physical comedy and comic timing is legendary, trips, falls and walking into doors, complete with accompanying sound effects.

They’ve both had careers on stage and screen and still do both, when asked. But for our entertainment, in the voiceover studio where they seemed to be most at home, they were unforgettable. They were perverse and wicked, in the most delightful way. They were totally politically incorrect (especially Matthew) and without fear, and they had us in stitches sometimes until it ached.

David Legge said of them, “My first session with them…I laughed so hard I think I gave birth to something. Forget Hamish and Andy. First there was Hamish and Matty!”

Paul LeCouteur from Flagstaff said, “In the 80’s and 90’s, they were like a psychotic game of turbo pong, bouncing off each other in the studio with the full force of a Category 5 Cyclone. "

A similar take from Phil Kenihan

“They were genuinely out of control in the studio, unlike any other voice actors since. It was always dangerous to book them together but also irresistible. I wish I'd kept some out-takes.”

From Philip Webster “I always knew a session with them was going to be fun-filled but also unpredictable. Any unwary client had to be on their toes, as the two of them created a comedy festival with their adaptations of the script, and we would end up with a bagful of versions, all of them brilliant ... ahhh the editing!"

And he adds a PS: “Hamish I’ll never forget you banging your face into the studio door. Your timing was always impeccable.” 

From Stephen Renfree. “For nearly forty years, collectively and individually the best fun you can have in a session, with the added bonus of always delivering an awesome result. Congratulations guys. You’re being recognised here because you’ve always been amazing, not just ‘cos you’re old!”

From Cerie Davies. “This For Hamish - you always made my day by vomiting out 1000 sfx before actually getting to read the script.....the twanging of the plucked nose hair was my all time fave”.

And for Matthew. “Oh Matthew. When I was 19 he sang me the historical ditty 'taking the skin bus to tuna town'. I didn't know what it meant for years.”

From Stig Wemyss “These two legends of our industry have paved the way for all of us, turning studios across Melbourne into a playground where Voice Over Artists could invent and create. Without Matthew and Hamish The Booth of Fame is an empty shell. Their presence within it, makes everything right with the world.”

From Abbe: "We thank them for the memories, the brilliance and putting so much laughter into each and every recording session.  I had the pleasure of them both…oooh, missed a couple of words…’working with’ them both, and my career has been all the richer for knowing them."

Fall of you who were there and especially for those of you who sadly missed it, here’s some classic Hamish and Matthew.