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2015 Lifetime Achievement Award

Philip Webster

Philip Webster

At our inaugural VoVo’s in 2015, the voiceover community of Melbourne honoured Philip for his years of extraordinary ‘dedication to excellence in sound recording and his commitment and passion for voice recording and voice artists’.

Beginning his career in sound with Bill Armstrong Studios in the late 1960’s, Philip paved the way for how things would become. Before Philip brought his authenticity and originality to recording sessions, the sound engineer was the guy who rolled the tape and slid the faders.  

He created what Abbe Holmes calls the triangle of collaboration.  That is, the sound engineer, the producer and the voice artist in the studio; all working together to create something that works, sometimes beautiful, sometimes magical, always memorable.

He brought his astonishing ear for rhythm and pace, light and shade to every project.

He championed voices he loved and was always looking for and discovering new voices, who he fostered and mentored in his own quiet, warm and authentic way.

Philip will always be to the voiceover artists of Melbourne a genuine and much loved legend.