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2015 Booth of Fame Winner

Rod Mullinar

In October 2015, we were thrilled to present Rod Mullinar with the inaugural ‘Booth of Fame Award’ for his years of brilliant and masterful voice acting.

We had asked studios to nominate their choice for this award and Rod was a stand-out.  So we invited them to let us know why he as their choice.

Here’s what was said.

Rodney Lowe from Production Alley

“On our airways since the 70's this beautiful voice has stood the test of time and is still finding a new generation of listeners. It's always a pleasure to record him, not only for the voice but to enjoy that big laugh and wicked sense of humour.”

Chris Gates from Southern Cross Austereo

“Silky smooth, classic and timeless – and one heck of a nice guy to boot!”

Matt Gerber-Corn @ Sonic Playground

“What an absolute delight it was to have him back in the studio today. An amazing voice! The frequencies that hit the microphone and are projected through the speakers as sound is something I never tire of.  What a talent.”

Shaun Malzard from ARN

“Not just a great talent, but a true gentleman, and wonderful to work with”

From the gang at Flagstaff, beginning with Paul Le Couteur

“Reputable, reliable, roguish and wrong – in all the right ways”

Stevo Williams

“One of the best blokes around, with one of the finest voices. A true gem”

Dee Gjedsted

“A true scallywag and gentleman!”

Sally McManus

“A very handsome and charming man”

Ceri Davies

“The ultimate triple threat – handsome, charming and the only choice to read me a bedtime story!”

From Stephen Renfree,

I first worked with him in the late seventies and the news that he was cast to do my voiceover always brought a smile to my face.  I marvelled at his capacity to breathe something fresh into anything we asked him to read. I’m I'm delighted for a million reasons that he’s receiving this award.  No one deserves it more, and I'm sorry I can't be there to see it.”

Phil Kennihan @ Front of House

“He has always been so lovely to work with, forever joyful and positive.  We had some hysterical times in the 1980's. We would get so incredibly stoned in the studio, I had no idea how he was able to read the words on the script, let alone speak them.  I'm certain he had absolutely no idea what he was saying but it sounded magnificent!”

From Col @ Gusto simply and succinctly put

“What a legend”

and from Brodie Flint at Flagstaff ,

“In his own words “Roddy will give them what they want” and he always does”  

Watch the video clip to be reminded just why he’s such a legend.

To listen to more of Rod here’s a link to Kathy Evans Voices

Rod Mullinar

Rod Mullinar